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Durable Architectural Stone & Splash Blocks in West Chester, PA

Bring your front-yard oasis to life with high-quality landscape and hardscape products from Mr. Mulch of West Chester. From architectural stone and splash blocks to mason mix and spikes, our West Chester, Pennsylvania-based company offers a wide variety of products to ensure you find exactly what you need.

Best Pricing & Products

At Mr. Mulch of West Chester, we work hard to provide the best pricing in the area on mulch and other products. During the 2017 season, many of our products are being offered at a discounted rate from last season. We work hard to keep your cost low. However, in response to changing fuel costs, our pricing could fluctuate during the season. Please validate pricing when you are calling in an order. Please call us to place your order and validate delivery schedules. We offer the following products:
  • Architectural Stone
  • Bagged Products
  • Bulk Mulch & Topsoil Picked up by the Cubic Yard
  • Bulk Stone
  • Mulch & Stone Information
  • Estimating Guide & Formulas of Stone
  • Flagstone & Wall Stone
  • Hardscape Products (Pavers, Concrete, Press, & Brickface)
  • Splash Block
  • Other Hardscape Products (Mason Mix & Spikes)
Call us to place your order today! Pricing listed on our website is subject to change without notice. Please remember to ask about pricing when you call in your order
Please call us to place your order
and validate delivery schedules.
Contact us in West Chester, PA to beautify your property with our architectural stones and splash blocks. Call Mr. Mulch of West Chester at 610-399-3138.